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Twinn Ethyr is a singer-songwriter folk project with an ethereal twist. Haunting melodies weaving through soft finger picking guitar transport the listener to an unearthly place. These songs are some of Briar's deepest and most personal songs that she began writing as a therapy for herself at the early age of eighteen, and she continues to write today. Their lyrics are pure poetry that come from the subconscious and are often take the listener through a symbolic, folkloric, and emotional journey.


Live Concerts

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Music & Lyric Samples

Cassandra_LiveTwinn Ethyr & James Wylie
00:00 / 05:08
The Moment of Division_LiveTwinn Ethyr & James Wylie
00:00 / 03:52
This Old CraniumTwinn Ethyr & James Wylie
00:00 / 03:56
Children of Beautiful Dreamers_LiveTwinn Ethyr & James Wylie
00:00 / 05:10



Cavernous spaces between us only get me down, oh…
Closeness and brokenness, it’s better when you’re in town, I will...
I will find you... I will find you how?
I will… I will find you... I will find you how?

Your eyes are too big to look directly into mine, oh…
Blackened by madness you know you’re deep within my mind,
I can tell you... It’s no secret... You’re the game player…
I told the monster... I’m the hunter... No more telling lies.




There’s nothing left on the Bones... The cats come out for the smell.
Who am I now? My voice has gone to the gods. To the gods...

And I’m drifting, drifting into grey hair
And I’m thinking, thinking into nowhere

Most of them think you’re plain...And one of them thinks you’re an angel.
Where do you fly? You move me till I cry. Till I cry…

And I’m sinking, down the deepest waters
And I’m thinking, thinking that it’s over
And I’m listening, the muted sounds of creatures
And I’m hoping, hoping that they reach her

These words are not mine... They fell from the sky.
I swear to God, I’m not alone.

I’m not alone.



The prophecies of Cassandra, her tears of hysteria
She watches in horror, every turn leading to disaster
Lost in the illusion of power, and you are just a character
The tales of history remember, repeating itself over and over

Well the quest for love is only blind pride...
The downfall of the hero
My crises is my initiation...
But who said magic was found in limbo?

Raped by Apollo and given the ‘gift’, of seeing tragedy
But unable to stop it
The chorus of kings and fools who ignore it
Will perish in the hands of Trojan slaughter

Well the quest for love is only blind pride...
The dramatization of my own demise
As the hero and the villain I witness my tragic irony
Both actor and audience

Different costumes with the same eyes
The same mouth...The same chest... Now I realize
To become a knowing necromancer
I must induce madness and mania

Well the quest for love is only blind pride...
The downfall of the hero

My crises is my initiation...

But who said magic was found in limbo?
Enlightenment and endarkenment
Through panicked states appear hallucinations
When finally I can take no more
I’ll feel the pain of fire
And liberation.




Time moving back and forwards
I’ll move my body for ya
Through pink and green terrain
The labyrinth of your brain
And at the midnight hour
I’ll use my magic power
To hypnotise you with me
Into a dream for all eternity
Come fly with me

When you are making pleasure
I’ll give you equal measure
So that my eyes appear
Inside your mind my dear
And when your dreams turn vivid
I’ll make sure I am in it
We’ll move into the ether
I will give you my love forever
I’m tethered.


Colour Blind

One day it won't work on
On me no

no more.

I look on years gone by
The pain in my life
Tomorrow comes sight
Bring colour to the blind.


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