Solo project (electronic) // All songs written and recorded by Briar Prastiti // All videos created by Briar Prastiti


If you could take the nostalgic 90s angst from Alanis Morissette and Linkin Park, screw it with the 21st century ’whatever-pop-slash-trap’ thing, and then shove it into a fiery oven of synthey pixelated chaos, then you would get HydraBitch. Briar Prastiti started ‘HydraBitch’ back in 2016 when she finished her music studies and finally had time to pursue the music she really wanted to do. This lead her to discover her unique style and artist brand, which she proudly believes in.

Despite being on the move over the last three years, this hasn’t stopped HydraBitch (New Zealand born Briar Prastiti) from writing and releasing her music. She has released four singles and even created her own self-made videos, all of which pull her listeners into her other-worldly old school vibe.

HydraBitch also recently appeared in a project alongside world renowned composer John Psathas and System of a Down’s Serj Tankian on the collaborative album ‘Last Days of March’, where her playful poppy track ‘Back to the 90s’ is featured.

Contact info

Please get in touch with HydraBitch at hydrabpm@gmail.com for interviews, or promo copies of her tracks.

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