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Vocal Lessons & Music Services

Welcome to your personalized musical journey with acclaimed multi-genre vocalist and composer, Briar Prastiti! Briar offers expert vocal training, composition and songwriting mentorship, and professional music score creation. Contact Briar to create a tailor made plan for you, or simply click 'Book Now' and select the  service you are interested in.


Do you want to experience the joys of singing? Unlock the potential of your voice - Vocal sessions cover everything from the fundamentals of singing to building confidence in your unique voice, ear training, breathing techniques, live performance and stagecraft, and even recording your own vocal tracks. Briar has been teaching vocals for over 7 years and her teaching methods are empowering, easy to follow, and highly informative. Her highly diverse vocal palette offers you a wide variety of options when it comes to genre, whether it's pop, rock, songwriter, classical, or traditional folk music from other cultures. Briar is highly noted for her abilities in complex vocal styles, for example Greek and Balkan singing. With her encouraging and clear instructions she will break down into easy steps how to approach more complex styles of singing.


Are you passionate about writing music? Whether you're a beginner or looking to take your classical composition and/or songwriting skills to the next level, Briar's composition tutoring is tailored to help you reach your goals. You may have songs or pieces you are already working on and need some expert advice about how to develop them, or you may have ideas but you just don't know where to start - whatever your experience level, Briar will help you feel at ease and support your unique creativity. Briar has a Masters with Distinction in Composition, and has been composing for over 15 years. She was honoured the New Zealand School of Music Composer Residency in 2023 and has a diverse set of skills under her belt, ranging from orchestral music, chamber music, electronic/pop music production, acoustic songwriting, film music, and more.


Do you need professional session vocals for your recording projects? Briar has been a session recording vocalist for over 7 years, having recorded for numerous projects in film, game scores, advertisement, and other recording projects. Her highly diverse vocal palette offers you a wide variety of options when it comes to genre. Briar's highly trained ear and vocal control allows her to deliver any style, even complex styles such as traditional folk singing from other cultures. Whether it's gladiator-style belting, or soft breathy padding, Briar has got you covered!


Do you need professional proofreading, typesetting, tidying, and/or help with creating parts for your musical score? As an experienced composer, Briar knows how long this can take, especially with orchestral scores. It's easy to overlook mistakes, and when you have fast approaching deadlines, a helping hand may be just what you need to get your score up to scratch. Having composed three orchestral pieces in 2023, as well as many other chamber music scores, Briar's meticulous eye for perfection will ensure your score looks beautiful and is ready to deliver. Briar uses the latest version of Sibelius to create her scores, and can also offer you a better sounding midi demo of your finished piece using NotePerformer 3.

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