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A collaborative album of multiple producers, composers and artists around the world sharing material to work with, forming a 'pool' of creative resources to use in the writing process. The result is this diverse album of songs in multiple genres.

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It's Already Tomorrow - curated by John Psathas

Featuring track ‘I'm Not Lazy, Just Lost’ by Briar Prastiti, featuring James Wylie

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'Back to the 90s' - track featuring vocal performance and song production by HydraBitch (Briar Prastiti) from EP 'Last Days of March' by John Psathas.

The concept of the project was for five different artists (Jack Hooker, Xela, Serj Tankian and Oum, HydraBitch, and Russel Walder) to remix with total freedom a simple musical idea originally recorded by John Psathas.

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Grammy-Award winning and multi platinum recording artist, songwriter, composer, poet, and visual artist Serj Tankian teamed up with non-profit cultural organisation Creative Armenia to release ‘7 Notes Challenge,” a compilation album highlighting some of the most notable submissions from a songwriting challenge posed to artists worldwide. The 17 song album is now available on all major streaming, and download, platforms across the globe. (Click on the image to view)

Serj Tankian’s ‘7 Note Challenge Compilation Album’

Featuring ‘Only Time’ by Briar Prastiti. 


'Unravelling' - track featuring vocal performance by Briar Prastiti of Armenian song 'Yarko Parag'. 

Original arrangement by John Psathas in his album 'Voices at the End'. 

More information on 'Voices at the End' by John Psathas:

'Naga' - an album featuring tracks by Briar Prastiti:

'Clockwork Dancer'

'De la Noche, de la Muerte'

'Delirious Euphoria'

'Naga' is a collection of original compositions written by the members of Wellington Javanese and Balinese Gamelan ensembles, Padhang Moncar and Taniwha Jaya. All works were written specifically for going on tour to Indonesia where they were premiered. The ensembles performed at shows and festivals in Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Solo, Malang, and Bali.

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