Briar is a freelance composer, 

producer and vocalist. She specialises in contemporary popular music, film music, and song-writing. Her background is in classical piano, guitar and vocals, and she has completed

a Masters in Composition from the New Zealand School of Music in Wellington. Briar writes music for short films, television, documentaries, and games, alongside her own music as a solo artist. 

In addition to being a composer, Briar is an active performer, most noted for her versatile vocal palette encompassing a wide range of styles including Balkan Gypsy, Greek Rembetiko, Javanese and Balinese Gamelan, Punk Rock, Flamenco, Latin, Jazz, Pop, and Folk/Singer Songwriter. Briar is an 

experienced vocal coach and session vocalist and has done numerous vocal recordings for film, television, and other music projects. 

To accompany her work, Briar began creating her own videos which lead her to become a video artist/director. Her interest in visual arts as well as music, came from an upbringing with a family of artists, and it still remains a passion. Although Briar studied music, she prefers to think of herself as an artist of all paths, including music, poetry, video art, and illustration. While exploring her work, it is evident that these different art forms often cross over into one another.

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