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Composer // Producer // Vocalist // Video artist // Illustrator

Briar is a freelance composer, producer and vocalist. She completed a Masters in Composition at the New Zealand School of Music in Wellington and her passion is songwriting, producing electronic and contemporary music, as well as writing music for film. Briar has been an active performer, most notably for her vocal performances, although she has a background in classical piano from a young age. She later began exploring music from different cultures which led her through a vast array of genres, such as Balkan folk and gypsy, Javanese and Balinese gamelan orchestra, flamenco, Latin, jazz, and in particular Greek traditional music, which she closely identifies as a Greek New Zealander. Her music often touches on folkloric themes and is driven by rhythm and harmony. She is an experienced vocal coach and session vocalist, having done numerous vocal recordings for film, television, and other music projects.

To accompany her work, Briar is a visual artist, creating her own illustrations and music videos. Her interest in visual art came from an upbringing with a family of artists, and it still remains a passion. Although she studied music, she is an artist of many paths, that is - music, poetry and lyric writing, video art, and illustration. Navigating through her work, it is evident that these different art forms often cross over into one another.

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"The depth in this album encourages repeat listening, and reveals something new with every listen."   
NZ Musician
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